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6 Reasons Why Print Marketing Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution 2017


At a time when competition in nearly every industry is super high, marketing your business is difficult. While many people today completely rely on digital platforms, there are also few smart ones who still believe in traditional means of marketing—pamphlets, banners, business card printing and more.

Are you a business owner?

Here 6 interesting reasons, if yes, why you should make print marketing a part of your New Year’s Resolution 2017-

  1. Help you stand out the competition

Much like yourself, most of your competitors are too obsessed with digital marketing, spending nearly all their time and resources here. One of the easiest ways to stand them out, in front of your target audience, is to pick up print marketing and reach your potential customers via banners and other materials.

  1. It converts better

Studies have shown that people consume online media much quicker and carelessly as opposed to reading something in print. So the same information on brochures, flyers, banners and other print medium leaves lasting impression, which tends to convert better.

  1. It is much cheaper

Whether you’re promoting on Facebook, Google or any other platform, digital campaigns cost high. Period. Comparatively, promotion on flyers and banners is much affordable. And with a good poster printing company by your side, it gets even cheaper.

  1. Targeting becomes easier

While sure targeting on Facebook and Twitter has become relatively easier today, print mediums are still more flexible and personal. Promotional print materials can reach the right audience and on the right time, on the micro level, which always results in higher conversion at lower rate.

  1. It boosts digital campaigns

Many top brands and smart marketers these days integrate their print marketing efforts with digital activities; it is much engaging and interesting. And needless to say, the outcome is far better. So treating brochure, flyers, banners and more as complimentary to digital campaigns is one simple way to boost sales.

  1. It’s never going away

Many people have already written obituaries for the traditional marketing. However, even in the digital age, promotion on print mediums wouldn’t become a thing of yesteryear. For smart business owners and marketers, banners, posters and other materials would always be the golden marketing avenue.

These are 6 important reasons why you should get serious about print marketing in 2017—if you aren’t already. Dial a good online printing company today.


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