Business Card Printing

Make Your Own Business Cards – 5 Winning Ideas for the Startups


Even in this digitised world, business cards still matters. And perhaps for this reason, it is crucial that you have yours beautifully designed that syncs with your brand well. After all your card is the first impression of your business; the more beautiful it is, the better will it reflect your brand.

If you’re a proud CEO of a startup, confused about the design of your to-be “amazing” crate ed visited, we’ve got something to help you here. Here are 5 solid ideas to make your own business cards beautiful and out-standing—

  1. Don’t over-stuff the information

A crowed and busy business card is never appealing. So NEVER over-stuff it with information. Only include what’s necessary; name, brand name, tagline, QR code, other contact information, website, social media handlers. Even your little picture is okay. But nothing beyond these! You don’t want to explain your job profile and about your business all in that small space.

  1. Ensure it stands out from your competitors’

Many people follow industry standards when it comes to designing their business cards; imitating the successful businesses. Don’t do it! Instead put your energy into ensuring that your card is distinct from that of your competitors. If they are using flat texts, use embossing; if red is “it” for others, make yellow your thing. Just make sure when you keep your card with that all of your competitors’, yours stand out with flying colours.

  1. Make it striking and memorable

You want to leave a long lasting impression on the readers. So make your business card striking and memorable; whether it’s with catchy taglines, logo or overall design. Who you’re going to give your card, understand their outlook and try to connect with them. But also be careful to resonate your brand, business and its message.

  1. Be very wary with your colour choice

Contrary to what many believe, colour is one of the most important aspects of your business card. Right colour combinations can not only make your card distinct but also makes it worth remembering. Bright colours like red and blue are highly preferable. However, DON’T overplay this and make your business card multi-coloured.

  1. Be creative instead of conventional

Being conventional and following standards won’t help when you’re looking to make your business card striking, memorable and different from others’. Be creative. Like, you don’t necessarily have to go with rectangle shape 3.5*2 inches cards; try different shapes. Sometimes a card with just your name and QR code could do the magic. Point is, be ingenious instead of following the cliches.

These are 5 solid ways to make your own business cards that are unique, meaningful and simply wow-worthy. Also, of course, be careful of the quality of the print itself. You can easily find many online printing services Canada based providers these days who offer top-notch products, services at a fairly low price range.


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